Chargin Station for EV
TGEP upgrade kit with ClipperCreek CS-Series Station


Experience a smarter station with this
ClipperCreek TGEP upgrade Kit.

TGEP upgrade Kit turns ClipperCreek
CS station into a display user interface
allowing users to ulitilize the
charging station as an automated Kiosk

  • Generate revenue through CS

  • Cloud based.

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What does it do?

The built-in add-on with display screen gives networking capabilities
to the product. The add-on makes the ev's much smarter. The
add-on could be for residential or commercial purpose. For residential
customers: allows them to monitor the usage of their station.
For commercial customers, it gives revenue potential. For companies
and corporation where multiple employees use a charging station;
HR/Manager can assign them pin numbers for use of charging station
No more fighting for charging station usage time amoung employees
or for some employee's unplugging the EV for another.

TGEP upgrade kit does to ClipperCreek?

Before and after pictures of how the module snuggles inside the CS series charging station

ClipperCreek CS Station before and after modification with TGEP upgrade kit

Connects to the CS through
the 26 Pin

ClipperCreek CS Station before and after modification with TGEP upgrade kit

Here are modifications which happen after module
gets added. The modules sit inside the CS series

The 7'' Touchscreen display from Raspberry pi
has display output of 800 x 480 with capacitive
touch sensing capable of detecting 10 fingers
capable to withstand rough tempatures. Here are
some screen grabs from the display on the unit.

TGEP UI Screen

Made for ClipperCreek CS series Level 2
you can easily install the upgrade kit within
an hour and connect to internet using WiFi/Cat
for instantaneously getting your EV charging
station online.

TGEP upgrade kit UI Screen


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