Years of Experience Our personel's have quite a few years of experince under there belt. We have see quite a few systems come and go. Implementation of an ideas  which are out of the box into existence sometimes takes peristenace, perservance and patience.


Trial & Error Most of our work are integration of subcompoinent from different vendor into a system which take trial & error. When our clients call for implenting there idea most of the time is with components which are not tested with the existing systems.


Passion We are passionate about green energy. We are passionate about EV's/ Autonomous / Robotic systems. We know the limitation of the system and we are dedicated it optimizing the techonology to the max for the mother nature.


People We Know. Located in the midwest we are fortunate enough to know other people who are equally passionate about EV products. Close to Michigan another region whose focus is on EV devolpement